Rush schedule

8/27 @ 7pm: Meet the Brothers – Zoom Link

8/28 @ 7pm: House Tour – Zoom Link

8/29 @ 7pm: Poker Night – Zoom Link

8/30 @ 7pm: Meet the Brothers 2 – Zoom Link

8/31 @ 7pm: Game night (jackbox) – Zoom Link

9/1 @ 5:30pm: NBA Watch Party (Nuggets V Jazz) – Zoom Link

Phi Delta Theta was organized with three principle objectives: The cultivation of friendship among its members, the acquirement individually of a high degree of mental culture, and the attainment personally of a high standard of morality. These objectives, referred to as the Cardinal Principles, have guided over 225,000 men since 1848 when the Fraternity was founded at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.


Q: Why rush a fraternity?

A: There are ~26,000 undergrads at Cal. To find your place in this huge community, it helps to join several campus groups that share your interests. A fraternity is one of the best ways to meet upperclassmen who’ve been in your place before, get connected with influential alumni, and develop your leadership skills. And you will graduate from Berkeley with a set of lifelong friends.

Q: How does one take part in rush?

A: Just stop by the house during any of our events and get to know some of the brothers!


Q: What sets Phi Delt apart from the other Berkeley fraternities?

A: Generally, what sets one house apart from the others on campus is the group of guys in the house. The brothers of Phi Delt are welcoming and easy-going guys. First and foremost, we are a house of close friends. We host frequent sorority exchanges, and we’re big on brotherhood activities, intramural sports (soccer, football, basketball, frisbee), and philanthropic events. Come by and see for yourself if this is the fraternity for you.

Q: Are there any financial or time obligations to joining Phi Delta Theta?

A: As with any other organization, there are both financial and time obligations to joining Phi Delt, but they are minimal and can be flexible. Scholarships are available based on need and academic performance.

Q: Is there hazing involved to join the fraternity?

A: No. Hazing is against Phi Delta Theta’s policies, our recognition agreement with UC Berkeley, and California state law. Furthermore, we do not believe that subjecting new members to dangerous or humiliating rituals is the best way to develop lifelong friends.

Q: Where is Phi Delta Theta?

A: 2726 Channing Way. That’s between College and Piedmont, right here on the map. It’s the tall blue house with a large deck in front, near fraternity row.